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Our Goal

With the goals by taking National Research Foundation Nepal (NRFN) mainly focus on the broad conjunction of economics, ethics, traditional, archaeology, natural environment, medicinal plants and animals by Using basic concepts from these we explain how the application of these analytic the environments, social welfare and ethnic tribes can foster sound environmental and other public policies and advance social well-being.

  • Research: behavior, ecology, health status and disease
  • Population census and survey across Nepal
  • Use and development of least-invasive methods
  • Self-governing, science based community conservation
  • Ethno zoological human-wildlife conflict resolution
  • Biodiversity assessments
  • Prey base stabilization programs
  • Habitat restoration
  • Conservation Education
  • Increase the extent of curation for the research;
  • Build the Herbarium by adding specimens through the Herbarium personnel and actively soliciting donations and exchanges of specimens for the purpose of improving/strengthen our collection;
  • Develop an information base and inventory of the collection that will facilitate the accessing and dissemination of the TWU Herbarium data;
  • Provide access to the collection to all research scientists through an active loan program