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Where We Work

Improved environment management and public health.Bridging people with science and technology for healthy living and environment safety.Acts as bridging forum between people with science and technologies to make access new scientific knowledge, technologies and safety measures of environment and public health sector through research, coordination, capacity building and policy dialogue.The increased impact on public health due to pollution, urbanization, industrialization, globalization and unmanaged drug production, sales distribution and administration aimed to be reduced through scientific way to ensure healthy living and environmental development. This could be achieved by carrying out research to develop new technologies, coordinating for developed technologies and implementing those developed technologies and research finding up to local village, town and urban centers in the area of environment and public health.

National Research Foundation Nepal is research based institution established in Kathmandu with the vision to conserve nature and natural resources with the help of local bodies, students, research scholars, professionals, devoted and energetic youths from different places of the country. The organization has been working with determination in the field of natural disaster prevention, environmental education, and biodiversity conservation since its establishment period. The organization has worked jointly with several national and international organizations for the sustainable development.

NRFN aims at improving the nature by building an association of young researchers and concerned stakeholders. Collaboration can be maintained with the national and international environmental organizations, government bodies, universities/ colleges/ schools,communities, nature clubs and, other working agencies for the environmental development and nature conservation. NRFN is working through government bodies, environmental organizations and universities/colleges/schools to develop action and support groups that will address environmental problems and social advocacy concerns. The organization links environmental institutions, political bodies and, civil agencies to protect the environment and strengthen awareness on environmental issues. The organization also focuses on the philosophy of participatory action and empowerment to develop the nation.