Department of Archaeology

Department of Archaeology was established in 1953 A.D. under the Government of Nepal. This is primer organization for the archaeological research and protection of the cultural heritage of the country. Protection and maintenance of archaeological sites, ancient monuments including remains of national importance, museum and archive management are the main concern of Department of archaeology. Department of archaeology also regulate all archaeological activities in the country as per the provision of the ‘Ancient Monument Preservation Act, 2013’ (A.D. 1956) Likewise, the act also provides ample provisions to protect and preserve any individual monuments, group of monuments, sites and even vernacular edifices located throughout the country either private or public having archaeological, historical, artistic and aesthetic values. This act has authorized the Department of Archaeology as a principal governmental authority to protect and preserve the vast cultural heritage of the country.

  Mission of the Department of Archaeology:

  •   Preservation and protection of monuments and archaeological sites.
  •   – Conduct archaeological exploration and carryout archaeological   excavation and publish the report.
  • – Carryout research activities on Nepalese history, culture and archaeology.
  • – Collect, research and publish the archival materials.
  • – Establish and enhance the museums.
  • – Protection, preservation and management of the World Cultural Heritage Sites.
  • – Prepare and publish the inventory of the cultural heritage.
  • – Control the illicit export and import of the movable cultural property.
  • – Provide technical and financial assistance to the local people and agencies for the monument  conservation.
  • – Raise the awareness for the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage.
  • – Publish the journal of Department of Archaeology “Ancient Nepal”

The Department of Archaeology is working under the following Ministries since its established date 1953 A.D.

2009 to 2038 B.S.Ministry of Education
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